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qBittorrent v4.3
03 Dec 2020
qBittorrent v4.2.1
3 Oct 2019
qBittorrent v4.1.9.1
5 May 2018
qBittorrent v4.0.4
20 Nov 2017
Editorial review
qBittorrent v3.3.16
27 Jun 2015
Editorial review
qBittorrent v3.2.5
1 Dec 2013
qBittorrent v3.1.12
27 Jun 2013
Editorial review
qBittorrent v3.0.11
10 Aug 2012
Editorial review
qBittorrent v3.0b
3.0 β
3 Jul 2012
qBittorrent v2.9.11
8 Oct 2011
Editorial review
qBittorrent v2.9b
2.9 β
1 Oct 2011
qBittorrent v2.5.1
10 Dec 2010

What's new

v4.3 [18 Oct 2020]
Description qBittorrent is a free, open source application based on Qt toolkit and libtorrent-rasterbar that runs on all major OS such as Windows®, Linux, Mac® OS X®, OS/2 or FreeBSD (including support for over 25 languages).
The primary purpose of this Bittorrent client is to offer an alternative to other similar torrent managers. The main features are:
- similar user interfaces with µTorrent (for a smooth transition).
- integrated and customizable search: on most famous BitTorrent search sites.
- support for all BitTorrent extensions: Magnet/BitComet, Peer Exchange, DHT, etc.
- advanced control for trackers, peers, and torrents (torrent queueing and prioritizing).
- support for UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding.
- bandwidth scheduler and sequential download.
- IP Filtering (compatible with eMule and PeerGuardian) and IPv6 compliant.
- detailed torrent info: size, status, seeds, peers, download and upload speed, ratio, etc.
- etc.
Important: Please be aware that while qBittorrent is a free, open source, clean torrent manager software YOU are responsible for the data you choose to download. Do not distribute or redistribute any illegal content. A good example of a legit torrent can be found on the official GIMP homepage - the download section OR Ubuntu download section. There are many other legit usage examples of how qBittorrent can be used.
Trademark Note 1: Microsoft®, Windows® and other product names are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Trademark Note 2: Mac and OS X are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
qBittorrent Review
Note regarding the installation: There's nothing hidden in this app, no bundles, no unwanted ads or anything like that. It's 100% clean, so the setup process should be easy enough and without any unwanted advertising. Just remember that although the application itself is clean, you are responsible for the data that you will upload or download through a torrent.
The first interaction: If you're a fan of the old uTorrent (like me) I am sure that you will appreciate the simple interface. You have access to everything you need to customize this client from "Option" area. The transfers from all torrents will appear on a left column close to the "Search" feature (which requires Python 2.x if you want to use it). You can even lock down qBittorrent with a password if you want to keep your activity private.
Performance: I (and a few friends of mine) was able to reach the maximum speed provided by my ISP on Windows® 8.1 and 10 (100 Mbps). Apparently, such high-speed transfers are achievable from close locations but what I am trying to say is this: there's no limitation coming from this software.
If there's any restriction, it will come (in most cases) from your ISP or hard drive (e.g. if your Internet connection has 1 Gbps you should know that you can't reach this speed with an HDD and you will need a solid-state drive - SSD).
Conclusion: You don't need a manual to learn how to use this client. If you used any other similar client before (uTorrent is the best example) you will need just a few minutes to get comfortable with this program. After a few days, you will feel that you have found the perfect Bittorrent client. The whole FossHub team use and highly recommend qBittorrent (just like all the other apps). If you also find this software useful, please donate folks! The author(s) will appreciate each and every donation!

v4.2.1 [3 Oct 2019]
- FEATURE: Enable portable mode if "profile" directory exists (Tester798).
- FEATURE: Enable "Apply rate limit to peers on LAN" option by default (Chocobo1).
- BUGFIX: Sync translations from Transifex and run lupdate (sledgehammer999).
- BUGFIX: Don't unnecessarily delete OS files in folders (sledgehammer999).
- BUGFIX: Use the incomplete folder where appropriate (sledgehammer999).
- BUGFIX: Align Properties tab bar correctly on window resize (Prince Gupta).
- BUGFIX: Rework the listening IP/interface selection code (sledgehammer999).
- BUGFIX: Fix inconsistent icon for deleting torrent (Chocobo1).
- BUGFIX: Show torrent error message in transfer list (Chocobo1).
- BUGFIX: Fix stuck in wrong torrent state (Chocobo1).
- BUGFIX: Expand single-item folders in torrent content (warren).
- WEBUI: Bump Web API version (sledgehammer999).
- WEBUI: Add ability to rename torrent files from the WebUI (Thomas Piccirello).
- WEBUI: Mention lack of HTTPS in WebUI magnet link warning (nl6720).
- WEBUI: Fix HTML elements size in search tab (Chocobo1).
- SEARCH: Fix incorrect translation displayed after language change (Chocobo1).
- SEARCH: Fix missing translations in search plugins dialog (Chocobo1).
- WINDOWS: Update russian translation of the installer (Andrei Stepanov).

v4.0.4 [20 Nov 2017]
- BUGFIX: Add height padding to the transfer list icons.
- BUGFIX: Allow to drag-n-drop URLs into mainwindow to initiate download. -
- BUGFIX: Fix crash when fitlering search results. Stable sorting is removed.
- WEBUI: Fix missing qbt logo on login page in webUI.
- WEBUI: Add check to avoid type error after logout.
- WEBUI: Use POST for logout command. This is to avoid browser being smart to prefetch the link then logging out the user.
- WEBUI: Fix WebUI is not reachable via IPv6.
- WINDOWS: Disable the "?" help button in all dialogs on Windows.

v3.2.5 [1 Dec 2013]
- FEATURE: Show actual protocol for listen success/failure in the log. Needs libtorrent v1.0.0 (Gelmir)
- FEATURE: Support per tracker re-announce. Needs libtorrent v1.0.0 (Gelmir)
- FEATURE: Support saving in network locations. (Gelmir)
- FEATURE: Support Qt5 (mostly Glassez)
- FEATURE: Code optimizations resulting in a more CPU efficient and snappier qBittorrent. (sorokin)
- FEATURE: WEBUI code rewritten, refactored and improved. (glassez, pmzqla, buinsky)
- FEATURE: Add option to hibernate computer in Auto-Shutdown menu (Bruno Barbieri)
- FEATURE: Cache preferences in memory. Minimize chance of settings corruption. Closes #1272, #1523, #1694. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Option to disable connections not supported by proxies. Closes #1894. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Haiku OS support (diger)
- FEATURE: Add a save resume data interval option(useful for SSD). (john-peterson)
- FEATURE: Add "Last Seen Complete" column (pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Add "Last Activity" column (pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Add "Total Size" column (pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Show current speed limits in the status bar (pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Episode filtering for RSS (Gelmir)
- FEATURE: Highlight files when opening containing folder on Windows and Linux(nautilus, dolphin, konqueror). (Gelmir, pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Setting to ignore RSS rule matches for X days (Gelmir)
- FEATURE: Add hotkeys and buttons for Top and Bottom priorities (alfrix)
- FEATURE: Implement peer relevance column. Closes #1630. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Show reason why a peer was blocked. Needs libtorrent 1.0.x. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Use the 'fastest_upload' setting as seed choking algorithm. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Allow to set text options for the toolbar icons (pmzqla)
- FEATURE: Add 'Resumed' torrent filter (john.s.peterson)
- FEATURE: 'Add New Torrent` dialog has a button for quickly choosing a location (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Copy selected peers as IP:Port format. (ngosang)
- FEATURE: Show info hash in the torrent details in 'Add New Torrent' dialog. (sledgehammer999, chrishirst)
- FEATURE: New feature: Remove empty labels (ngosang)
- FEATURE: Add "Copy name" option in right-click menu of torrent list. Closes #2452 (chrishirst)
- FEATURE: Implement tracker list in the side panel. Closes #170. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Implement a 'Completed' status. Closes #2326 #2483 #939. (sledgehammer999)
- FEATURE: Columns for session-based download and upload statistics (LazyBui)
- BUGFIX: Use completed time from libtorrent directly. Closes #1726.
- BUGFIX: Speedup and fix a bug in torrent moving. (sorokin)
- BUGFIX: Scan Folder dialog now remembers last location (Bryan Roscoe)
- BUGFIX: Show input box to filter torrent list only when the list is shown (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Add placeholder text to the input to filter the torrent list (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Put directories first when sorting torrent content by name (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Fix missing icon for open action in file list (Gelmir)
- BUGFIX: Set placeholder text to torrent content filter. (sorokin)
- BUGFIX: Fix torrent creation when data is too large (sorokin)
- BUGFIX: Load torrents that have big metadata file. Closes #1889. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Use correct separator for "OR" condition in RSS rules (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Don't waste UI space in 'Content' window. Closes #2159 (alfrix)
- BUGFIX: Fix the language selection in the combobox when the system locale only has a lang equivalent and not a lang_COUNTRY one. Closes #1786. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Don't overwrite the 'Add Paused' setting from the Add New Torrent Dialog (Gelmir)
- BUGFIX: Fix file preview when .!qB extension is used (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Ensure that the priority column has enough width when queueing is enabled. Closes #2263. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Don't put limits to the alternative speed limits (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Make space key change all selected files' checkboxes (sorokin)
- BUGFIX: Don't block peers that use privileged ports. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Accept multiple files at once. Closes #2253 (buinsky)
- BUGFIX: Don't touch torrents whose files are missing. Closes #342 #2308 #2469. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Save the new save path first in the history. Closes #2382. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Fix default tracker in 'Create Torrent' dialog. (ngosang)
- BUGFIX: Let the OS decide the default interface regardless of IPv4/IPv6. Closes #2156. (Chocobo1)
- BUGFIX: Delete the correct selected torrents when the list is filtered. Closes #2729. (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Don't use HTML in tray icon pop-up on OSX. Closes #2830. (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Fix crash when trying to open destination folder on a torrent with no metadata. Closes #2522. (pmzqla)
- BUGFIX: Change torrent name when metadata is retrieved. (ngosang)
- COSMETIC: Removes white bar in the labels list. Closes #1151. (ngosang)
- COSMETIC: Fix speed printing in the tray icon and in the title bar. Closes #2737. (sledgehammer999)
- COSMETIC: Change the color scheme used (sledgehammer999)
- RSS: Display remote images in the preview (Mladen Milinkovic)
- RSS: Format html descriptions in the preview (Mladen Milinkovic)
- RSS: Support overriding global "Add paused" option on per rule basis (Gelmir)
- WINDOWS: Fix automatic python download. Closes #2076. (sledgehammer999)
- WINDOWS: Fix crash when searching the registry for installed python (glassez)
- WINDOWS: Tell Windows to wait during shutdown. (sledgehammer999, paolo-sz)
- SEARCH: Update KickassTorrents plugin (pmzqla)
- SEARCH: Remove vertor engine. Closes #2260. (DoumanAsh)
- SEARCH: Small fix of import in legittorrents engine (DoumanAsh)
- SEARCH: Add combo box for fast search engine switch (DoumanAsh)
- SEARCH: Fix error in mininova search engine (ngosang)
- SEARCH: Fix piratebay. Closes #2270 (DoumanAsh)
- SEARCH: Updated URL in kickasstorrents search engine (ngosang)
- SEARCH: Torrentz search engine added (ngosang)
- OTHER: Drop libtorrent 0.15.x support
- OTHER: Drop Qt < 4.8.0 support
- OTHER: Migrate build system to autotools (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Remove deprecated feature of separate DHT port. (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Speedup compilation speed (sorokin)
- OTHER: Backtrace generation now works on MinGW. (Gelmir)
- OTHER: Added translation: Hindi(India).

v3.1.12 [27 Jun 2013]
BUGFIX: Fix WebUI gzip compression. Closes #1037. (sledgehammer999)
BUGFIX: Fix compilation with qt < 4.8.0. Closes #1043. (sledgehammer999)
OTHER: Updated translations.

v2.9.11 [8 Oct 2011]
- FEATURE: Add file association settings to program preferences (Windows)
- FEATURE: Add setting to ignore slow torrents in queueing system
- FEATURE: Add advanced setting to announce to all trackers
- FEATURE: Add support for anonymous mode (libtorrent >= v0.16)
- FEATURE: Add quick "set as default save path" checkbox to torrent addition dialog (sledgehammer999)
- BUGFIX: Add tray menu entry for toggling window visibility
- BUGFIX: Fix execution log lines selection and copying
- BUGFIX: Reduce CPU usage when running Web UI
- BUGFIX: Save RSS items to disk regularly for safety
- BUGFIX: Fix ratio calculation (use all_time_download)
- BUGFIX: Fix torrent upload issues (Web UI)
- BUGFIX: Fix some IE incompatibilities (Web UI)
- COSMETIC: Display speed at the beginning of the Window title
- COSMETIC: Several cosmetic fixes to the Web UI
- COSMETIC: Make top toolbar follow system style
- OTHER: Display libraries versions in about dialog (sledgehammer999)
- OTHER: Display qBittorrent version in Web UI about dialog

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